Hyper Pools
Stake your way to Level 4 and earn 2 assets
simultaneously (Native, USDT)
Stake your way to Level 4 and earn 2 assets simultaneously (Native, USDT)
What is a Hyper Pool and how does it work?

The dual-reward system. Choose a pool, like the BSC Pool, and earn in both its native currency (BNB) and stablecoins (USDT) - yes, both simultaneously! Similarly, the ETH Pool rewards you in ETH and USDT. This unique approach not only diversifies your portfolio but also maximizes your earning opportunities. Join Hyper Pools now and transform your crypto investments!

How it works:

There are four levels, each level of participation adds a multiplier and unlocks native or stable reward. We’ve multiple pools (BSC, ETH etc) so let’s take BSC as an example, they all work the same way.

Level 1:

Your base level. This is the amount your APR will be based on.

  • You add liquidity in the form of Sphynx and BNB.
  • APR upto 25%
  • Level 2:

    Sphynx Staking Level with BNB rewards

  • Stake Sphynx (max 4M tokens)
  • 180 day lock (50% deducted if you withdraw early)
  • APR boosts to upto 50%
  • Level 3:

    Scion NFT Staking Level with BNB rewards

  • Stake Scion NFT (max 16 NFTs)
  • APR boosts to up to 75%
  • Level 4:

    Aegis NFT Staking Level with Stablecoin reward

  • Stake your Aegis NFT (max 9)
  • APR boosts up to 120%
  • Reward in form of USDT

  • Where do rewards come from?

    The rewards in Hyper Pools are derived from our diverse revenue streams. These include fees from the usage of our utilities such as trading, bridges, presales etc, earnings from blockchain development services, and charges for crypto payment processing. These accumulated fees are then redistributed to our holders as Hyper Pool rewards. To maintain sustainability and avoid a Ponzi scheme structure, the reward rate is variable. Importantly, rewards are not issued in Sphynx tokens. This approach prevents the need to mint additional supply, which could lead to inflation and undermine the integrity of our model.

    What is a Hyper Pool and how does it work?

    Sphynx redefines staking and farming. By depositing a mix of crypto assets including tokens, coins, and NFTs, you unlock rate multipliers and enhance earning potential.