Why Mint a Sovereign Sphynx?
Each Sovereign Sphynx collectable is a 100% unique programmatically and randomly generated from over 200 traits. Sphynx focuses on expressions, animation and authenticity. The traits include mood, clothing, headwear and fun accessories. Some are animated, and some are rarer than others.
The Satoshi Collection (BRC20 Network) will play a large role in the upcoming Bitcoin Sphynx Pair. Acting as a multiplier, the NFTs will empower the upcoming Sphynx HyperPools to their maximum level to earn more BTC.
BTC yield will be given out to Satoshi NFT holders.
More information on the world's first HyperPools from Sphynx Labs is available via our website.
How to mint?
1. Select amount of NFTs to mint
2. If your wallet is not connected, input address to receive
3. Press Mint Now Button
4. Pay using QR code or using wallet
5. All done, you'll receive your NFTs
Mint a Sphynx
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